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Welcome to SpiritWinds


Welcome to SpiritWinds, the home of flutemaker Tony Richards.


My first passion is the Native American style flute, an instrument whose sound can only be described as the breath of Spirit. The journeys this instrument has taken me on have led to my making of other unique and beautiful wind instruments such as my own all Australian Outback Sax and bamboo flutes.

I am also in development in the field of recorder making, and am now available to service a wide range of recorders to restore their original sound and spirit.  

I hope you enjoy my website. 

Tony Richards




Welcome to SpiritWinds, formerly Woodsong Flutes Australia, the home of instrument makerTony Richards. I make a full range of Native American style flutes in Australian woods in all keys. These flutes are also known as the courting flute, love flute or spirit flute. I also make a full range of drone flutes, bamboo flutes and my own unique reeded instruments the Outback Sax and Saxaduk. I hope you enjoy my site.

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