Handcrafted Flutes

Native American Style Flutes


My flutes are a product of a dream which began on Fraser Island, an incredible place of beautiful forests and pristine freshwater lakes surrounded by sand dunes. The path led me to be influenced by many flutemakers in the U.S., but especially one particular Cherokee flute maker and his partner who both gave great encouragement. My flutes are constantly evolving and ever changing yet retain their uniquely Australian character.

I am fortunate to have woods indigenous to Australia such as Queensland Maple, Rainforest Cedar , Rosewood, Teak & Blackwood, which all have their own qualities and resonance. I also have some odd pieces of wood come my way occasionally, and especially love using recycled timber when it is available.

Each flute is constructed with a large primary air chamber to reduce 'wetting out'. A protective inlay is used for the comfortably shaped mouthpiece, assisting in the usage of various playing techniques.

Every flute is drenched inside and out with a blend of natural oils, then the character of each piece of wood is truly brought out through a finish of shellac and natural resins.

Included with each flute is a protective felt cover and also a simple instructional booklet to help you on your way towards discovering the unique qualities of your particular flute. 

Drone flutes

Drone flutes were traditionally a central American instrument made from clay, but were also known in Ancient Egyptian and Russian cultures. Many indigenous traditions including Celtic, middle eastern and Australian aboriginal used a 'drone' note as the basis of their music, creating a multi-layered sound that has a haunting, ethereal effect.

The variables in producing a quality drone flute that 'hits the heart' are many, and I am ever expanding my creative horizons in producing drones of different harmonies, tunings and effects. The standard drones are the most popular and the easiest to play, and come with a straight note on one side and a standard NAF six hole minor pentatonic fingering on the other. Yes, they can be played as a normal flute as I create an offset mouthpiece that allows this.



Bamboo Flutes

Similar to the wooden flutes, I now have available a range of high quality bamboo flutes that have their own unique tone. As easy to play as the wooden ones and even more portable, these flutes are exceptional value. 


The bamboo I use is firstly dried for several months to prevent cracking, then fired and burnished with a variety of natural oils and finally given a polished finish ensuring years of fluting pleasure.
Outback Sax

When hearing one of these played for the first time, most people exclaim "I can't believe such a sound could come out of something so small!" Using a conventional alto saxophone reed, here is the ultimate travelling instrument.

Admittedly, they do take a bit of playing technique to get the sound at first, but most people can start playing after a few minutes. For the experienced musicians, they are the answer to heavy cases and expensive outlays. Amaze your friends and satisfy that yearning in your soul to let out some jazzy and mellow tunes.

Each sax comes with a hessian bag, reed and instructional booklet. More reeds can be purchased from any music store for around $3.